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Great pyramids of Egypt

Documentary: The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code is a fantastic documentary detailing rare insights into the function of the pyramids, as well as a new look at the age of ancient Egypt, or rather, Kemet. Containing super-interesting gems of information which this preview won’t give away, we can tear it up in the comments section with spoilers and fact-checking. [...]

ultrasonic acoustic levitator

The Power and Energy of Sound: Levitation to Invisibility

John E. W. Keeley, a scientist and inventor from Philadelphia in the late 19th century, was able to crush rocks and large boulders with various specific frequencies of sound.   Much like the story of Nicola Tesla, Keeley died with little money and few commercial applications of his technology, if any. Keeley fought a constant [...]

et, megalith, extraterrestrials, dyson spheres, advanced civilization, galactic civilization, ovni, et,

Mysterious Yellow Balls in Deep Space – Explained?

Mysterious yellow balls have been popping up in new high-resolution images of the galaxy and universe. “The yellow balls in this pictures appear small but are actually several hundred to thousands of times the size of our solar system”     Pictured above, these spheres look tiny in the photos, but they are enormous. The [...]

Nelson-Mandela 2

What is the Ubuntu Philosophy?

Ubuntu is thought of as a perspective, a philosophy, or worldview, and it focuses primarily on: interpersonal relationships extroversion sharing of prosperity forgiveness deference to hierarchy humanism The word itself, Ubuntu, stems from the Banthu language of  southern Africa, and is interchanged with uMunthu, or Botho. Martin Luther King captured what could be called the [...]

Image: Mexico's Popocateptl volcano erupts

Strange Post- 2012 Trend at Mexican Volcano

Strange things have been getting caught on tape at the peak of Popocatépetl, the tallest mountain just outside of the longest continuously inhabited major city in the Americas, Mexico City. We have a situation with this volcano, Popocatépetl, erupting slowly, open to the Earth, is acting as a gateway, for these beams of light, or [...]

Awesome Rainbow Quartz Crystal image

The Theory & Design Behind Crystal Frequency Control

If you’ve ever wondered what tangible effects a vibration can have, this book is the definitive guide. Published in 1974, this pioneering text showed the world how to take a steady electric current, and turn it into a micro-precise frequency, via quartz. Frequency, vibration, energy, these are truly synonymous, it’s not a “new-age” fad, it’s [...]


Eye-Opening Architecture at Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal

One of the most beautiful human-made groups of structures on Earth, Quinta da Regaleira was constructed around the turn of the 19th century by a wealthy Portuguese merchant named Carvalho Monteiro, who, based on the architecture, was clearly very interested in mysticism, alchemy, the Knights Templar, freemasonry, and an esoteric medieval German ideology called Rosicrucianism. [...]

Guillermo Pérez Villalta

Guillermo Pérez Villalta – Visionary, Painter, Creator

Out of Tarifa, Spain’s southernmost city, comes Guillermo Pérez Villalta, a master painter, architect, and philosopher, who communicates indescribable ideas through his work. Below, we feature a few of our favorite Villalta pieces in the largest image size we could find, interspersed with well-known quotes from the artist. Truly, our world would be a better [...]

Anaïs Nin quote image

11 Quotes from the Influential and Enigmatic Anaïs Nin

“It is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.” Anaïs Nin French-Cuban author Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) is one of history’s most dedicated and prolific diarists.  Born in Cuba, raised in Paris, but displaced by World War 2, Nin moved to America and and lived out her life in New York [...]

The Gateway of Aramu Muru

The Piezoelectric Effect: Megalithic Proportions at Aramu Muru?

  The Piezoelectric effect is the property of crystals to receive electric currents, which cause them to contort their size, or vibrate.  Piezoelectric crystals grow larger when subjected to a direct electric current; crystals even emit an electric current when compressed.  This is the Piezoelectric effect, and it is used for everything between computer parts, [...]

BD Bacatá bacata crowdfunded skyscraper tower urban planning microfinance crowdfunding indiegogo kickstarter

Crowdfunding Expands To New Heights in Columbia

Rodrigo Niño is leading the effort to crowdfund the biggest projects in the world. What is Crowd-funding? BD Bacatá is a 66-story tower underway in Bogota, Columbia. Set to cost $240 million, financing has already been secured via small investments from thousands of people from all over Bogota. Planned to be the tallest skyscraper in Columbia’s [...]


Why Support the Keystone XL Pipeline?

    Obama has yet to decide on the Keystone XL pipeline, we hope this image will help him with the choice. With all the reasons to oppose the KXL, we think the most pressing is the water – with drought conditions already severe in this part of the world, what happens when the remaining few [...]


What Is The Piezoelectric Effect?

The Piezoelectric effect is the phenomena where crystals expand and contract by tiny amounts, thereby releasing or absorbing potentially large amounts of energy. The Piezoelectric Effect can be used to store energy in crystals, though this is somewhat of a less explored field of science.  Though precious little is known about this, the idea remains fascinating that [...]


The Subtle Bias of the Mainstream / Murdoch News

All news is biased to one degree or another, but those who hide their biases are able to shield their audience from the bitter, stinging, but necessary counterarguments, the way a gel or sugar coating helps one ingest the nasty, bitter, or potentially poisonous.  People who prefer truth are keenly interested in the biases of [...]

small tumblr_ljap8tapVs1qiioiro1_400

Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Pomegranates are a borderline overwhelmingly healthy food.  Antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and a lack of anything actually harmful make the pomegranate  an essential part of any ideally healthy diet. The oldest medical writings known to science are Egyptian documents describing how to use pomegranates to treat a broad range of diseases, ranging from microbial infections to [...]

Wheat and mountains

Why Drop Gluten – The Benefits of Being Wheat-Free

  Bread sure is an interesting makeshift novelty item humans have been able to create.  Slowly changing over thousands of years, bread is essentially the original “processed” food, and actually activates similar neurochemicals as opiates.   We crave what we’ve recently eaten, if you’ve had lots of wheat recently, gluten can be a tantalizing little [...]


NYC Government Contradictions Hurt Kids

  18 year old Americans are free to die for their country in Afghanistan (overseeing billions in the grey-market opium trade), and they are free to enter hundreds of thousands in unforgivable student debt – but if 18 year olds want to visit the US’s largest city, they won’t be able to buy cigarettes. That’s [...]


Earth Day Update 2013 & Clean Energy’s Main Obstacle

  Friends, colleagues, peers, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the moment known as Earth Day, 2013, the 40th Earth Day to be celebrated on April 22.  We’ve made great progress, and we have even farther to go. Germany leads the world in solar energy collection China leads the US on investment in renewables – two [...]


Facts about aging & neurology

Aging is part of being alive.  We’re all affected by getting older, and it’s perplexing how aging can affect people so differently. Adult brains are indeed quite plastic, and can learn new information, languages, ideas, and skills well into life.  This is called neural plasticity, as it signifies our brains’ and minds’ flexibility and adaptation. There is [...]